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Anyone can clean out their car and add an air freshener or two, but it takes a little creativity to learn how to make your car truly special. I still remember the day I bought my first car. I headed straight to the store to pick up some seat covers and a new gear knob. Although these were small additions, they made my car unique and special. This blog is all about helping you to find the auto accessories that will make your ride pop. Check out this information for neat ideas, interesting safety tips, and all kinds of advice about cars.

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The Dos And Don'ts Of Having Your Car's Windows Tinted

Are you thinking about having your car's windows tinted? Many people do this as a means of protecting their car interiors while also adding a sharp appearance to the vehicle's exterior. Before you decide to have your windows tinted, there are a few things you should know.

DO Know Your Local Laws

First and foremost, understand there are strict laws and regulations in place regarding window tint. In most cases, these regulations are decided upon by your city or municipality. If you have window tint that's too dark, for example, you can be pulled over and actually issued a citation, so don't spend your hard-earned money on window tint without first making sure it's going to be street-legal.

DON'T Use Coloured Tint

In addition to there being laws regarding the permitted darkness of window tint, some places also have laws in place regarding what colour of window tint you can use on your vehicle. Generally, coloured tint (such as red, pink, or blue) is not allowed, but if this is something you're considering, you'll want to check your local laws and ordinances to be sure.

DO Invest in Detailing

Once you have your window tint done, there are some steps you'll want to take to maintain it so that it lasts for many years to come without peeling or bubbling. Specifically, you'll want to have your car professionally detailed from time to time; this will help to keep dirt and debris from getting underneath the tint and causing visible damage over time. Yes, it might cost you a little more money to get your car detailed as opposed to simply cleaning it yourself, but it will be worth it.

DON'T Try a DIY Kit

Finally, while there are lots of DIY window tint kits available out there, it's best to leave this kind of work up to the professionals. Oftentimes, window tint kits don't come with the high quality tint and materials needed to achieve a long-lasting and great-looking tint job on your car. If you want it done right, your best bet is to go to a window tinting professional and spend a little more money in the process.

As you can see, there's a lot to keep in mind when you're thinking about having your car's windows tinted. If you have specific questions regarding the window tinting process, talk with a professional at a business like Icon Tinting & Graphics to learn more.