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Making Your Car Interesting

Anyone can clean out their car and add an air freshener or two, but it takes a little creativity to learn how to make your car truly special. I still remember the day I bought my first car. I headed straight to the store to pick up some seat covers and a new gear knob. Although these were small additions, they made my car unique and special. This blog is all about helping you to find the auto accessories that will make your ride pop. Check out this information for neat ideas, interesting safety tips, and all kinds of advice about cars.

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Reasons To Consider Getting A Remote Car Starter

Even if your car doesn't come with a remote car starter, you may want to spend the extra money to get one. There are a number of benefits to these devices, and newer models offer even more features, including being able to monitor your car via your cell phone. Control Your Car's Temperature One of the main benefits of car starters is that you can start your car a few minutes before you want to leave, giving the heater time to warm up the car before you get in or the air conditioning time to cool down the car in the summer. Read More 

The Dos And Don’ts Of Having Your Car’s Windows Tinted

Are you thinking about having your car's windows tinted? Many people do this as a means of protecting their car interiors while also adding a sharp appearance to the vehicle's exterior. Before you decide to have your windows tinted, there are a few things you should know. DO Know Your Local Laws First and foremost, understand there are strict laws and regulations in place regarding window tint. In most cases, these regulations are decided upon by your city or municipality. Read More